Milwaukee Brewers Now Go Beast Mode to Celebrate

Last season, the Texas Rangers antlers and claws celebration drew the attention of the league, but this year a different team’s celebration has caught the attention of cameras and fans.

Following big hits, Brewers players such as Casey McGehee, Prince Fielder, Yuniesky Betancourt, and Nyjer Morgan go “beast mode” and spread their arms and gesture like a monster. Fielder says it came from something his kids took on after watching Monsters, Inc.

“That’s my kids’ favorite movie,” Prince said. “The whole team does it now. It’s something that I saw my kids do, and I thought it was funny, so I thought I might as well do it, too.”

After Fielder and McGehee had RBI hits to give the Brewers the lead in the ninth inning Saturday, the beast mode celebration showed up.

Here are some more shots of the team doing the beast mode:




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