Source: Braun Test Sample Mishandled, Says College Teammate

Curt Hogg-

An anonymous source has reported to Plushdamentals that Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun’s drug test that tested positive for increased levels of synthetic testosterone was mishandled, thus likely altering the results of the test. The report exclusively reached Plushdamentals through a source familiar with a former college teammate of Braun’s at the University of Miami and reportedly has knowledge of the situation.

The 2011 National League MVP is facing a 50 game suspension if the results of the test hold true and Braun does not win his court hearing, which, to the knowledge of the public, is currently still in process. A second, independent test taken by Braun after the season came back with no evidence of performance-enhancing drugs. The court process, however, is in a prolonged state. Events and findings have been undisclosed to the public, but the initial source on this story may have an inside track, as he is still familiar with Braun.

According to sources, the results were not immediately sent to Major League Baseball as they should have been. Instead, the test samples were brought back to the collector’s residence in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There they remained, refrigerated, overnight until they were mailed in the next morning. While it is not assured that there is sufficient information to show that the test was mishandled, it supports Braun’s case.

Additionally, there is reportedly no STD involved in Braun’s case, contrary to reports that the 28-year-old’s herpes medicine he was taking triggered historically high results.

The confidential test was, according to the source, missing for a period of time from Point A (Milwaukee) to Point B (Major League Baseball). This opens up a wide potential of possible happenings between the time it was taken and time it was sent, both of which are supposed to occur within the same day, per the MLB drug policy. Braun’s college teammate and friend reported the story to an anonymous source who works out with him, after which word reached Plushdamentals.

“The story seems unlikely, but who knows? It may hold to be true,” the source said of the situation.

A verdict on the Braun case is likely to be reached and made public before Spring Training games begin.


    • chogg13

      Thanks Ricky. The news kind of just fell to me, which was nice. And I’m still leaning towards the suspension being placed. The MLB has to either show their power and hand him a 50 game suspension or admit to a mistake and let him off the hook.

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  4. Joe

    Dominated. Good work dude. I’ll have to make sure I start following your blog as you’re more on top of it than any media outlet

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  6. Emma Span (@emmaspan)

    Hi Curt, I’m a sports reporter at The Daily, an iPad/tablet publication based in New York ( If you have a few minutes this afternoon I’d love to talk to you about breaking the Braun news; we’d like to do a quick story on it for tomorrow, and would of course link back to your blog. You can reach me at emma.span @, or via Twitter, where I’m @emmaspan. Thanks!

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  8. Kevin Kelsay

    You are now forever within my Favorites to check back on regularly! Change the name to: Plushdemalldownthetoilet and scooped ’em all. Later in journalism school they’ll talk to you about confirming information and getting the names of secondary sources to confirm directly with them … but for now … you accomplished two primary goals: you got it RIGHT and you got it FIRST. That puts you ONE AHEAD OF ESPN! They were more concerned with being first … than being right.

  9. Phil Hall

    Good job on the scoop. My thought is that Braun is the OJ Simpson of drug testing. How many of you believe OJ was innocent? He wasn’t found innocent, he was found not guilty. Same situation here.

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  12. Joe

    Good job getting a solid lead… but what if your lead had been wrong? You’d have been another guy passing off bogus info. You were lucky here. I’ll give you credit for having good instincts, but what would have been more impressive was to take what you knew might be true and run it past Braun’s agent, the team, others and then, posted something that actually had sourcing. Instead, you just posted something that might be true and that doesn’t set you apart from the rest of the shredded material on the web. This was a nice start. But the difference between you becoming a life-long blogger dude and being paid is simply 2-3 calls to well-placed people. Take this from a journalist who is getting paid. Love your passion.

  13. Paul Goode

    I am very impressed with your blogging Curt and I heard you on the ESPN John Kincade radio station this morning and that somehow you broke the Ryan Braun HGH story before anyone else in the media. Congratulations and I would like to hear your story. I am a sports blogger too and I have a degree in sports and recreation but that was over 20 years ago now and I still haven’t found anything other than blogging for fun. Congratulations to you and good luck in your future!

  14. Paul Goode

    I am a Milwaukee Native originally and a Brewers fan. I am happy for Ryan Braun and the Brewers but want the best and fairness for baseball and their testing system. I feel Ryan Braun went through the process fairly and won no matter what baseball thinks of the results. Nice reporting again and best wishes!

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