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Roenicke on “Beast Mode”, Betancourt’s Name, and Other Brewers Musings

By Curt Hogg

Because nobody really wants to read paragraph after paragraph besides, well, me, headlines surrounding the Milwaukee Brewers are posted here in the new “Brewers Musings” section along with just a little opinion spiced in by yours truly. Excited!?! Probably not, but I am. So open up those commodious brains to get the Brewers headlines.

Roenicke Addresses “Beast Mode”

The Brewers have been celebrating big hits with the “Beast Mode” celebration, as dubbed by outfielder and Plushdamentals namesake Nyjer Morgan. Before you ask “what’s beast mode”, just click on the link to avoid what will turn into a three-paragraph explanation. None of us really want that.

Anyways, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke was asked about his thoughts on the team’s celebration, and he did not speak too highly of it. With the team even celebrating routine singles recently, the skipper had an opinion on it.

I don’t want it to get carried away,” Roenicke said. “Do I like it? Not particularly. But I don’t think that I’m just going to come out and say, ‘Don’t do it again.’ If I see it get worse, and I see it being a problem, then I’ll talk to the guys about it.”

What does this unimportant, young voice say about Roenicke’s take on the Monsters of Miller Park? I’ll let Corey Hart talk for me.

“I think it’s good if other teams don’t like it.”

Right on, Corey! Keep doing the Monsters, Inc. Beast Mode celebration, Milwaukee. Brewers fans love it, who cares what other teams think of it? The Brewers have been known for eccentric celebrations (see Atom Bomb, Fielder. And also Jerseys, Un-tuck ’em.) The Rangers had the antler and claw celebration last season and the Beast Mode is the 2011 version of that.

Sorry, Yuni B

Yuni B. That’s what I’m just going to call Brewers shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt. Or should I say Betancour?

Fox Saturday Baseball announcer Matt Vasgersian said during the broadcast that he spoke with a Spanish member of the media who told him the ‘t’ in ‘Betancourt’ was not pronounced. Thus comes Yuni-Gate.

On Monday during the Brewers-Pirates double header, Fox Sports Wisconsin play-by-play man Brian Anderson referred to him without the ‘t’. Just “Betancour”. Got that, kids?

Or we could all pull a Curt Hogg and simply refer to the formerly sub-mediocre, turned stellar hitter as Yuni B. Crisis averted.

Narveson Needs Manicure

Narveson breaks nail, any female Brewers fan winces.

During the opener of the Brewers aforementioned twinbill at PNC Park, starting pitcher Chris Narveson chipped a nail on his pitching hand. Great.

So we get our number five starter back from the DL for a blister on his hand and he chips a nail? Somebody get this guy a manicure, ASAP. Lotion, band-aids, soap, salon, something, anything will do.

The Brewers won 8-1 anyway and Narveson picked up the win to improve to 10-8.

I Wouldn’t Kill For Much, But….

That’s the Tony Plush rally towel the Brewers will be giving away to the first 30,000 fans on September 9. Not only could I possibly get free tickets to this game rather easily, but I’m in love with an inanimate object. Weird, I know.

So why don’t I go?

Thanks to the geniuses who schedule the Whitnall Cross Country Invitational for Friday, September 9, I’m otherwise obligated. (Yes, I am only in high school. Shocker! Don’t be too surprised.) As much as I would love to skip the meet, Coach would have my a** and I wouldn’t run for the next three or four meets, per say.

C’mon, man!