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Brewers vs. Cardinals Live Blog

Hey everyone! Curt and Kaitlyn will be giving live updates of the Brewers game here

  • Away we go! Hart leading off with a walk.
  • Berkman and Holliday are out tonight. Matt was injured lifting weights
  • NYJER with a perfect bunt. First and second, no out
  • Braun with a flair single! Hart holds at third.
  • Deep fly to center, Hart scores, 1-0 Brewers! Nyjer to third, now Casey is up
  • Casey takes ball four bases loaded with one out!
  • Betancourt kills the rally. 5-4-3

Bottom 1

  • Furcal with a double.
  • Patterson lays down a bunt to advance Furcal. 1 out.
  • Pujols hit a line drive to Morgan to bring Furcal in. 1-1
  • Freese hit to McGeehee to end the inning

Top 2

Curt’s doing the Brewers innings. Hairston leads off. Groundout to Furcal for out number one. Kottaras double. Wolf groundout, Kotarras to third. Sorry, too lazy for bullet points. Hart pops out, inning over.

Bottom 2

  • Allen Craig is leading off the inning.
  • Craig grounds out to Hairson, 1 out.
  • Molina pops out to Fielder on the first pitch, 2 outs.
  • Theriot singles to left.
  • Jay hits a single down the left field line and Theriot advances to third.
  • WestBrook flys out to Morgan to end the inning.

Top 3

  • Nyjer strikes out
  • Braunie’s up. Good AB, draws a walk.
  • Braun would have been thrown out on a steal, but the ball popped out. What a break!
  • The steal pays off! Fielder drops the bat head down and doubles down the right field line.
  • That RBI puts Prince 2 behind Ryan Howard of the Phillies.
  • Wild pitch, but Molina should’ve blocked it. He’s struggling, clearly.
  • Freese robs McGehee of an RBI.
  • YUNI B! Stays back on a breaking ball, RBI single to left. 3-1 Brewers
  • Inning over, but Milwaukee’s up!

Bottom 3

  • Furcal grounds out to Hairston to start off the inning. 1 out.
  • Patterson flys out to Braun. 2 quick outs!
  • Pujols strikes out on 3 pitches to end the inning!
  • Brewers up 3-1 going into the 4th!

Top 4

  • I need some more article ideas. Hellppppppppp. Other than tomorrow’s game recap, obviously. I used my ideas up today.
  • But anyway, here’s George Kottaras.
  • And there was Kottaras.
  • Wolf singles to left. Helping himself out, here is Hart
  • Hey Bill Schroeder, nobody cares if the PITCHER’s swing was a little off. He got a hit
  • Four pitch walk to Hart, Westbrooks’ fourth walk.
  • Another rally killer. Double play

Bottom 4

  • Freese leads off the inning for the Cardinals
  • Freese grounds out to Betancourt! 1 out
  • Craig also grounds out but to Casey! Out number 2
  • Wolf’s pitch count is looking pretty good at only 55 pitches
  • Molina singles to left center to continue his hitting streak
  • Hairston makes an amazing play to get Theriot out!
  • End of the 4th inning with the Brewers up 3-1!

Top 5

  • Currently: Watching the game, blogging, getting US updates, fantasy football prepping, on the phone. Yeah, I’m a guy
  • Braun groundout. Barely out
  • Prince groundout
  • Another groundout. Inning over.

Bottom 5

  • John Jay grounds out to McGeehee
  • Westbrook flies out to Hart. 2 outs!
  • Furcal pops out to end the 5th
  • 3 up 3 down for Wolf! Score still stands at 3-1, Brewers

Top 6

  • Betancourt pop out to right.
  • Hairston ground out to Freese.
  • Westbrook seems to be settling down now.
  • Kottaras groundout.

Bottom 6

  • Currently: holding 3 conversations at oncee, watching the brewers, blogging, playing with my dog and attempting to clean.. Multitasking Pro right here
  • Patterson with a flare out to Betancourt, out 1
  • Pujols grounds out to Betancourt for out number 2
  • Freese grounds out to Casey for out number 3
  • End of 6th and another 3 up 3 down inning.
  • Brewers up 3-1

Top 7

  • I’d just like to say, even though I’m relegated to hitting, Wolf is looking great. Wolfie article coming up?
  • Deep fly out from Randy.
  • Corey Hart groundout, this will be my last inning fyi.
  • I think switching it up would bring some luck. Nyjer grounds out, off to Saugy Waffles

Bottom 7

  • Alright Kaitlyn here! im taking the rest of the game!
  • Craig flies out to Hart! Out number 1!
  • Molina flies out to right. Out number 2.
  • What do you know another 3 up 3 down inning for Wolf with Theriot grounding out to Casey!

Top 8

  • Braun’s leading off the 8th inning.
  • Ground out to Freese.
  • Fielder with a great at bat, draws the walk!
  • Westbrook has over 110 pitches for the night.
  • Casey strikes out looking for the 2nd out of the inning
  • Betancourt strikes out to end the inning.

Bottom 8

  • I think i might have an idea for my piece!
  • Randy Wolf is taking the mound again in the 8th
  • Jon Jay bounces out to Fielder
  • Cruz waits back on a pitch and hits a single to right
  • Furcal grounds into a 5-4-3 double play!
  • End of 8th inning! Score still stands at 3-1, Brewers.

Top 9

  • Westbrook is done after 8 innings and the Cardinals bring out Marc…. his last names just too long! im not even gonna try..
  • Hairston singles to right!
  • Josh Wilson is in to pitch hit for the catcher
  • Wilson lays down a bunt and is safe!
  • Pujols is argueing the call and wait for it..
  • Cardinals are bringing in a new pitcher, Axfords getting warm-uped in the pen
  • Lucroy lays down a beautiful sac bunt!
  • Hart rips down a shot up the middle! 2 runs score!
  • Freese makes a catch over the dug out railing to get Morgan out
  • Braun grounds out to end the inning!
  • Brewers tact on another 2 runs to their lead! 5-1 Brewers!

Bottom 9

  • K-Rod is coming in to pitch the 9th for the Brewers!
  • Patterson’s leading off the inning
  • K-Rod strikes out Patterson! 2 more outs left for the Cards
  • Pujols flies out to T-Plush!
  • Last out for the Cards!
  • Freese singles to left to keep the Cards going.
  • Schumaker is pitch hitting for Craig
  • Schumaker singles to right and Freese stops at 2nd
  • Molina grounds out to Betancourt to end the game!

Brewers win the game 5-1 and increase their lead in the NL Central to 5 games over Cardinals!

Stay posted for both Curt’s and my upcoming articles!