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Klement’s Racing Sausages

By Kaitlyn Saugstad

“It’s the Klement’s Sausage Races, Why do they race? They race for taste!”

The Racing Sausages have come a long way from when they started. In the early 1990’s they made their debut as a cartoon running on the scoreboard in centerfield. Right from the beginning they were a huge hit and Brat (#1), the Polish Sausage (#2), and the Italian Sausage (#3) were born. At first they were still cartoons on the scoreboard but the actual racing sausages we know and love soon made their debut. In the beginning, they only raced on select Sundays during the season while at all of the other home games they would race on the scoreboard. Right away the races became a huge success and they soon added the 4th Racing Sausage to the scoreboard, the Hot Dog (#4). The racing sausages popularity sky rocketed and it wasn’t until the year 2000 (the last season at County Stadium), when the cartoon racing sausages were no more. Now at every home game the Racing Sausages, in costumes, would race. After the season was over, the Brewers moved across the parking lot to Miller Park and the Racing Sausages moved with them. Five years later a new sausage made its debut, the Chorizo (#5) but he only raced once that season. It wasn’t until the next season when he officially became part of the pack.

At every home game they still make an appearance and run during the 7th inning stretch. On Sundays, the Racing Mini Sausages join and create a relay race to entertain and bring enjoyment to the fans at Miller Park. The next time you go to a Brewer’s game make sure you text in your vote for who will win the race! My favorite is the Chorizo, which will you choose?