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Nyjer Morgan Post Game Interview as Tony Gumble 8/24

After the Brewers 11-4 win over the Pirates, Telly Hughes interviews Tony Plush, who displayed Plushdamentals with a four-hit night, before Plush interviews Prince Fielder (P Dot). I’ll just let the video do the rest of the talking.




Brewers SWAT Team, Possibly the Greatest Thing Ever.

I found this photo online after Nyjer Morgan retweeted it to his followers. It may be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, I don’t know. I mean, I’ve witnessed Brown Deer get flooded, an ice cream cone fall, and Chad Moeller hit for the cycle. But this…..this is close.

**For those who don’t know, T. Plush aka Nyjer Morgan call the Brewers offense the S.W.A.T. team. This is a movie poster made by a genius. My new role model is @bfreddy4.